May 2017

John Gay

Thank you to all the people who sent condolences for my dad's passing at the age of 92 on February 4th.

His extraordinary life as screenwriter, playwright, and author will be remembered through his many works.

He was a beloved father and grandfather, and his greatest achievement was his marriage of 66 years to Bobbie, the love of his life. He will be sorely missed, and live on forever in our hearts.

The link to my dad, John Gay's obituary in the Hollywood Reporter.

Jennifer Gay Summers is an author & freelance writer whose work has appeared in many popular anthologies and magazines. Her first book, "Any Way I Can; 50 Years in Show Business" is written in collaboration with her father, gifted veteran screenwriter, John Gay.  More >

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Chicken Soup for the Soul; Loving Our Dogs; Our 101 Best Stories

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul "Lucky in Love"

I wanted a puppy, but the timing couldn’t have been worse.  My three-year marriage was crumbling and the last thing I needed was a new responsibility.

Chicken Soup for the Soul; Loving Our Cats; Our 101 Best Stories

Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul "Puffin’s Gift"

“Meow!” A gray paw stretched out between the bars, and emerald eyes demanded my attention.

“I’ll take that one,” I said without hesitation, then wondered what I had just done.

Conscious Women; Conscious Mothers

Conscious Women, Conscious Mothers "A Knowing"

“Mommy!” I just saw God’s spirit flying through the trees!”  Quickly, I took my eyes off the road and looked, but saw only the wind waving the feathery branches.

Any Way I Can:
Fifty Years in Show Business

Well-known and prolific screenwriter John Gay teams with Jennifer Gay Summers to share stories of Hollywood screenwriting as it evolved in the new medium of television.   >>more

Praise for "Any Way I Can"

“Any Way I Can; 50 years in Show Business" is one of those great biographies that you simply can't put down. John Gay and his daughter Jennifer Gay Summers put together an incredible story of the famous writer's life and career and made it something simple to read but never boring.”

Tommy Garrett
Editor in Chief
Canyon News

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